Welcome, Friends!

In the name of the god of mercy, compassion, peace, freedom and justice
Livejournalers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:

We've arrived. We're here and we're Ahmadinejadeer. Together we will beat back the hordes of Zionists, Republicans and imperialistic swine to declare the one Truth to humanity: Mahmoud is fucking hot.

I'm working on my Sharon/Ahmadinejad slashfic at the moment, but here's something to get us started: a story of longing, forbidden desire and coming of age for young Mahmoud.

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Yo, as first post I've got to say that beard he has totally turns me on. I alwasy was a big fan of nuclear energy, and he're comes a hot Arabian stud to spread the word on it and never back down. He's my kind of man; do you think he likes it in the butt?